Facial Treatments


Age Smart


Potent vitamins and hydroxyl acids resurface and retecturize the skin.

Back Cleanse


This treatment draws impurities and thoroughly cleanses those hard to reach areas.

Brightening Facial – Beginning signs of Hyper Pigmentation (60 Min)


A brightening treatment that helps skin stop the tryosinaise process (hyper pigmentation) from sun damage or for anyone who just wants to brighten their complexion.

Complexion Regulator – Acne (90 Min)


Designed to be customized to combat Teenage Acne or Adult Acne. This treatment utilizes the benefits of plant essential oils to calm sebaceous glands while deeply cleansing the pores.

Enzyme Resurfacing Facial (45 Min)


Deep cleansing facial with enzymes to soften skin prior to extractions. Includes facial massage serum connection with micro current and mask.

Multivitamin Facial (60 Min)


Dry dehydrated patchy and dull skin. Great for anyone with uneven temporary dryness. For the person who feels taught and dry all year round. Our Esthetician will recommend specific products to combat these dryness issues.






Eye Treatment

Pampered Peacock Signature Facial (60 Min)


Great for women or men! This is a favorite for a first time facial. Our professional Estheticians will evaluate your skin and discuss a treatment plan especially for your skin type and needs.

Petite Acne (30 Min)

$60 / Visit

This is a recommended follow up to Complexion Regulator Facial 10 to 14 days after for a series of 6.

Petite Facial (30 Min)


This facial is designed to deep cleanse, extract, and moisturize. Great for those who want a quick refreshed look.