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Tomorrow morning after your wake up beverage, take a look in the mirror and smile. You will be surprised at how good you feel when you see a smiling face looking back at you.

Keep that feeling all day and smile at a stranger in the parking lot or when passing someone walking by.  When you receive that smile back, you get the feeling that all is well.  You are happy and your spirit is elevated.  You know everything is going to go smoothly today.  That’s a positive feeling that creates a positive attitude all because of a smile.

The stress and mishaps that happen on a daily basis can make us grumpy and we feel everything is going to go wrong today. You’ve heard the saying “take that frown and turn it upside down”.  Accentuate the positive and just smile 😉

Words, thoughts, and actions influence our attitude. The happier you express yourself to be, the happier you truly become. Spreading that positive and happy feeling happens naturally.  It’s hard to be in a negative slump when the people around you are meeting goals, planning, smiling, laughing and overall being positive about their work and their lives.

Below is a list of some things you can do to erase a negative thought or feeling.

Finish your laundry (this occupies your mind and you have accomplished a task)

Listen to your favorite soundtrack (calming and peaceful)

Put on dancing music and boog-a-loo all over the house (energizing)

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate… eat a piece of the best (endorphin happy)

Make your own list of positive things that will erase negativity

Create a positive attitude by smiling… its contagious!

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